Langauge creation: Proto-Pasen - Syllables

As I had discussed in my earlier post, I had started to create a language that would be the basis for at least a couple of languages that would be prevalent in the realm of Chaos And Order. (To know more about Chaos And Order, visit the forum or the blog).

As it is described in the LangMaker a start for any language, rules on how the syllables are formed had to be layed. Before that, the set of consonants and vowels had to be chosen. Keeping in mind that it would be spoken in the realm of Chaos And Order, by many races that have variant vocal structure, a overlapping set was taken.

  • Consonants: k, t, d, n, p, m, r, l, w, s
  • Vowels: a, i, u, e, o

The sounds can be taken from the following English words as guide:

  • k - 'c'at
  • t - 't'eam
  • d - 'd'ay
  • n - 'n'ame
  • p - 'p'en
  • m - 'm'oon
  • r - 'r'un
  • l - 'l'ook
  • s - 's'ay
  • w - 'w'e
  • a - f'a'rm
  • i - sh'ee'p
  • u - c'oo'
  • e - h'ea'd
  • o - c'oa'l

For the syllabus pattern, an arbitrary setup is taken.

Syllable pattern:


[C] Optional ordinary consonant: k | t | d | n | p | m | r | l | w | s
V Mandatory vowel: a | i | u | e | o
[E] Optional ending consonant: n | m | r | l | s

Many variants of syllables can be formed with the above setup. Some examples of valid syllable patterns are: de tun non mar mer er pun a me pas di us la lum un ro ki mem dem pin war tun

The next step would be to lay down the constraints on these syllable pattern based on different parts of speech.

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