Creation of a language

Working on the realm of Chaos And Order, I happened to notice one difference between this realm and others that were created by masters in the area. There was a lack of depth in terms of culture and history. To write about the culture and to write history, one would need to name a lot many things. The people, places, objects and even some actions need to be named. These name in turn flesh out the culture in that realm. These names define and differentiate between the different cultures of the realm.

Hence, a necessity was found for creating a language. I had stumbled upon LangMaker (TM) sometime back for some obscure reason that I cannot point a finger at. But now, I revisited the site and it contains quite a bit of extensive guidelines on how to create a model language (or constructed language). Now, for Chaos And Order, three to four languages (basic vocabulary and naming) had to be created. As per guidelines from Jeffrey Henning (who put out the Newsletter for the topic), a proto-language should be made from which we will be able to derive many languages that are related to each other, but still have their own distinct signature.

Thus, I called upon my fellow realm-crafter and we are in the process of creating the Proto-language.

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