Denver - A Change Of Place

As you would have noticed, Splat and KalaaLog was inactive for more than a week now. The reason? I moved from India to US.

Last week, I moved to Denver, Colorado, as I got deputed here by my employer for a project. That meant, I had a lot to learn - both in terms of technology and business processes. And that meant, I was real busy.

Settling down in a new place is more cumbersome than I thought. There are a lot of things like papers to submit, back accounts to open and similar ones that I had to do. I did few of them and few more are pending.

Denver Capital Building

In view of this, I have been just able to do work on Udantak other than my day job, and that meant, I had to leave Splat and KalaaLog without any updates. The case would be similar for a month or so.

I would be able to make posts, but they would lack the details in terms of illustrations that accompanied every post. The posts would be less exhaustive in nature and would brush up on topics, most of them being recap of the older ones.


This is my first time outside my own country, India, and I find life and environment here quite different. There seems to be a lot of adjustments that I would be making, but it seems like most of them will not be uncomfortable ones.

The city of Denver is the capital of Colorado State. It is situated by the Rockys and is about one mile above sea level.

Denver Downtown

It has got beautiful parks situated all around, quite contrary to the dusty origins. And in terms of nightlife, the Downtown area is the focal point of the city. Downtown is the area in Denver that is also the economic center of the city and that is where my office happens to be.

It is the beginning of Spring, this time of the year, and seems to be quite welcomed by the citizens after they had to face a quite historical winter. If you ask me, it is too cold and dry for my taste. But do not go by my words - I lived my life till now in coastal areas of India, where it is warm and humid.

Denver Art Museum

Overall, I seem to like Denver. Amidst the bustling activities I have been involved past few days I did take a couple of Free Mall Rides on the 16th Mall Street and visited some good restaurants. I hope it would have a good influence in my works at Splat and KalaaLog.

Do any of you happen to live in Denver? Drop me a line if you do, or have had a visit.

All photographs are copyright of Arun Sasidharan. (Arun Sasidharan © 2006-2007)


Denver is a lovely place indeed. May be we can look forward to some exhaustive write up's about the Museums, hiking and trecking in the Rocky's and the eateries :)

Yes, indeed. We might. The hiking and trecking posts (if I get time to do them :P) would be posted here.

And I plan to visit the Denver Art Museum - but that would go into KalaaLog.

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