First Snow

Yes, it was first snow for me today. As I said in the last post, I moved from coasts of India, a warm humid place, to Denver, USA, a dry and cold place.

I had almost adjusted to the place, and in the morning I woke up to find that nature had painted a quite different picture for me. It had snowed and everything was padded white.

Snowing in Denver

It seemed so surreal to me - like the scene outside my balcony was put there taken right out of some National Geographic program. In spite of my dislike towards cold, I could not help but walk out into the balcony, not minding the chill the thin snow covered wooden floor sent up my sandal adorned feet.

Snowing in Denver

Then, there was something else I noticed. All the sidewalks and roads were clean where as the rest of the open areas were covered with inches of snow. I made a mental note and hurried to office.

Once I was back, I did a little research and found that salt can be used for melting ice. It is a 'Freezing Point Depression' agent. I know - it sounds high chemistry, but all it does is, it brings down the freezing point of water. After a little talk with few of my new buddies and I learned that when a snow shower is predicted, they spray Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2) on the roads and pavements. This melts the snow that falls on them, and the water goes down the drain.

This is something I learned today, but there arises a question. Does Magnesium Chloride not cause adverse effects on the ecology? I am not sure about it - do you know?


Cool Mate... Enjoying there ah. .send some snaps also mate...

OK, sure I will.

hey, how can i see de snaps too :)

Hey lovely. Vinny is a old friend of mine. We have been friends since we were kids.

So, he has a habit of barging in anywhere and demanding something. :P

There is nothing special in any photos. Those are just some personal ones.

Wow, the picturez are so amazing...

hav fun dude !!!

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