Free Clipart - Different colored splats

I was looking at some trends in search and found that lot of people are looking out for clip art of splats. I fiddled around with Inkscape, and I got this. I made variations of them in terms of basic colors (black, white, blue, red, yellow and green) and they come in three sizes.

Just download the zip, extract it and use any of the colors or sizes you need. They are in the PNG format, and should be useful in emails, websites and blogs. You may use them for personal use, and if used for commercial purposes, please give an attribution link to Splat. Please do not redistribute them.


They are all for taking, Siddharth. :-)

Wow.Such good spalts.Those look like mickey mouse ears a little bit.I think u will improve and show some more good splats. :)


:) Yes, I guess. Someone did mention that it looked a bit like Mickey Mouse ears elsewhere.

I will post more free splats and other cliparts as and when I make them. So, stay tuned.


I am 'stealing' the White Splats for further modifications.

Cool work.

And it definitely reminds me of Mickey!

Like em..make some red ones!

Can you make a purple one or a brown one too?

Any chance of a clear background?

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