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iPod - I Got One

It was some time back when Rosalin talked about PDAs and PMPs. At that time, I wondered if I would ever take an iPod. But I guess, it is official now.

I just bought myself a video iPod, the 30 GB one.

iPod And Me

XML Application - XHTML

When I was researching for the last post on XML, I realized that there are numerous applications of XML that have almost achieved what XML hoped for. These applications of XML seem to form the "universal language" or the common data format in a particular class of applications.

In this post, we will have a glance at XHTML.

Resisting the temptation of reiterating the history of World Wide Web from the early days of its inception in CERN, we will look at XHTML history and its other implications.

Splat Feeds - Subscribe

In view of the recent irregularities in the posting at Splat, I would like to bring to note to the readers of Splat, that feeds are available for the updates made.

Use the orange feed icon to grab the feed link. Or you can use this: Splat Feed

To know more about feeds,youcan gothrough some earlier posts:

XML - Extended Markup Language

XML or eXtended Markup Language, has been a buzz word for quite a long time. And with the proliferation of AJAX, it has seemed to gain more credibelity. More so, it has been pitching in the compatibility front.

First Snow

Yes, it was first snow for me today. As I said in the last post, I moved from coasts of India, a warm humid place, to Denver, USA, a dry and cold place.

I had almost adjusted to the place, and in the morning I woke up to find that nature had painted a quite different picture for me. It had snowed and everything was padded white.

Snowing in Denver

Denver - A Change Of Place

As you would have noticed, Splat and KalaaLog was inactive for more than a week now. The reason? I moved from India to US.

Last week, I moved to Denver, Colorado, as I got deputed here by my employer for a project. That meant, I had a lot to learn - both in terms of technology and business processes. And that meant, I was real busy.

Online Auction - What Is In There?

Talk about Online Auction and the multi colored eBay logo pops up in our mind. Since it's introduction in 1995, Online auction has become a popular business model. But the concept I would say, is not something very innovative or radical.

WikiCamp - Followup

Well, I had promised I would post the photos I took at Wikicamp. Delayed it might be due to several reasons, but I found some time to post them here.

WikiCamp in Chennai, India

Here are some snaps of Jimmy Whales, founder of Wikipedia.

Feeds - Feedreaders

We looked at what feeds are in a previous post (Feeds - RSS). Now we will look at softwares and services that let you subscribe to these feeds.

There are two different type of feed readers (or aggregators) that will let you subscribe to feeds, and give you a list of updated articles that they can find.

Feeds - The Orange Icon

In the last post on feeds (Feeds - RSS), we discussed about the brief history and the use of Feeds. This post, we will look into the little (and sometimes rather large), feed icons themselves.

Orange Feed Icon