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Orphan Works Act 2006 - Steal non-US works legally

I came to know of an alarming bill that was submitted in the US legislation through this post at Public Knowledge. I say it is an alarming bill because if the bill passes the houses and becomes a law then all the works of artists who reside outside United States, and in some cases even with in, would find themselves at loss.

Orphan Work

Toast to likes of Steve Irvin - awe inspiring wild world

How beautiful can it get? How melodious can it be with its screeches and tweets all at the same time? How disciplined can it be during the creation and destruction process? How mysterious can its ways be? How can it bring together things seemingly so far fetched and totally unrelated as into one single entity?

Ant and Larvae Cartoon

New Year - New Look

2007 Wish you a Happy New Year!
Happy new year to all!

As the clock strikes 12 in each time zone, people celebrate on stepping into the new year - 2007. People look back on the year that has passed recollecting few moments that were memorable.

To that tradition, Splat has gained a new look. And in retrospect, quite a few things have happened.

iPod vs Blackberry

The purpose of writing this post is not to compare the utility of either of these gadgets or to verdict upon which one is better among the two. Rather this article will discuss their functionality and figure out whether one is replaceable by the other. A portable media player (PMP), (synonymous with Apple's iPod today) is basically used for storing and playing/displaying various formats of audio, video, and digital images. Whereas Personal Digital assistance (PDA) is a device designed to be a personal organizer, to store and manage one's contacts, appointments, to-do lists etc.

What is Vector Art?

Few days back I had posted a tutorial to create a basic vector art. One of the authors of Splat suggested that I write something about Vector art, and so I thought - why not?

Bearded Man

Vector graphics are based on mathematical equations. They are constructed using points, lines, curves and polygons. The vector graphics are created by software like Illustrator, Inkscape, Freehand and others.

10 step tutorial to create shiny ball vector art

Here is a step by step tutorial for creating a shiny ball vector artwork using any vector graphics software.


Mahesh Mahesh "Vyoma" Bhat is the Techie. He is the creator of Splat and the main author. Blogging, Computers and Design are the categories he writes for basically and not to forget the Legal section, which till now basically deals with copyright laws for authors and artists.

Free Clipart Hanukkah Giveaway - Dreidel

Splat had featured a clipart giveaway for Christmas. It was around that time that I was looking out for more subjects to try out my skills at InkScape and one of my online friends mentioned that she would like a Dreidel. It is a four sided top, usually wooden, played during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.

Free Clipart Christmas Giveaway - Red Ornament

It is the time of the year when jingles are heard and people scurry around to decorate the Christmas tree. I got into the mood and I created this clip art when I was trying out the Open Source Vector Graphics software, InkScape.

InkScape is a vector graphics utility that can be used to create vector art for various different purposes. Files may be saved in many popular vector formats, and the created artworks may be exported to raster formats like PNG and JPEG.

Has Splat been hijacked?

For those who might be wondering whatever happened to Splat after the past two posts. Some may have come to the conclusion that I might have been dead and those close to me have taken over the blog - and other few might have thought I had suddenly got multi-personality syndrome.